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PastureGolf.com catalogs and features golf courses that have the distinction of not being excessively manicured but which are fun and affordable to play. These courses are a surviving link to the original Scottish links courses, golf’s historical grassroots. We also feature blue collar company courses (we'd love to hear about more from you) as well as nearly forgotten WPA & New Deal Golf Courses!

A Short History of Golf

"One hundred years of experience had demonstrated
that the game is temporary insanity
practiced in a pasture." - Dave Kindred

The snob factor in golf has not always been high. Look back a generation or three or four and you will find a game played on rougher courses than those seen today in televised super play. Players were mostly just folks out for a good game. Making business deals was never the point of time spent on a golf course. Neither was it to buy into slick merchandising and product hype to gain a better score.

Now the trend is to more expensive fees, higher priced clubs and specialty gear, super manicured grounds and greens. Golf has not always been a trendy sport, restricted to monied elites. At its birth it was the game of a rural people, played simply on the fells and fields where sheep and cattle grazed. Pasture golf celebrates the undercurrent, the backwash maybe, that returns to these grassroots.

“The hole, what remained of it, was literally a pasture. A field.”
- The Legend of Bagger Vance by Steven Pressfield

Vanderbilt Country Classic near Ellensburg, Washington - July 8, 2007
Hole #2 - The Hayfield plays uphill diagonally across the field.

(See more scenes from other Vanderbilt Country Classic years)

Vanderbilt Country Golf Classic—a true pasture golf event - the only one in the world sanctioned by PastureGolf.com - on a Fred "Hicklaus" Hicks' course - to be held at Vanderbilt Country Estates near Ellensburg, Washington on Sunday, July 8, 2007. More at www.pasturegolf.com/events.htm

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Pasture golfer in the rough with bossy“When you play golf, just play golf. Here’s you, here’s the ball, there’s the target. Go to it. Hit the ball to the target as best you can. Find the ball and do it again. Experience, adjust, experience, adjust....The golf course is made for playing a game! So go there and play golf.”
--Chuck Hogan

From the Pasture Golf Mailbag

"Pasture Golf. I love it! My friend has a very similar setup here on Vashon Island, WA. While his course is far smaller he's right on par with you (pun intended). His course is large enough for a pitching wedge or 9-iron. It's also funny you mention the Tee Time Cafe in Grants Pass. I've actually been there (several years back). Great work putting this out for other people to find..." - Dave, 4/13/05

Ringed necked pheasantSome PastureGolf Course Submissions -

Valley of the Eagles Golf Links, Haines, Alaska
Accolade Pitch and Chip, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Gator Landing Golf Course, Hawthorne, Florida
Crestview Golf Course, Ennice, North Carolina
Crooked Creek Country Club, Electra, Texas
Kahuku Golf Course, Kahuku, Hawaii
Kington Golf Club, Herefordshire, England

What is the definition of Scottish Golf Links? For the answer to this question we go to the archives and consult the authority on golf history, Sir Walter Simpson. From him we learn the true meaning of golf links.

"The grounds on which golf is played are called links, being the barren sandy soil from which the sea has retired in recent geological times. In their natural state links are covered with long, rank bent grass and gorse. Links are too barren for cultivation: but sheep, rabbits, geese and professionals pick up a precarious livelihood on them."

You can see, Sir Walter Simpson was a bit of a wag. Click for Pasture Golf Quotes & Trivia

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Pasture Golf Course ListingsTop Ten Things We Love About Pasture Golf

10. A game you can play no matter what the weather.
9. Low greens fees.
8. Best place to find "my kind of people."
7. Requires touch and talent over technology.
6. No pressure to buy new sticks.
5. The only dress code is "come as you are."
4. Getting there often will take you off the beaten path, along blue highways through beautiful country.
3. No referees, striped shirts or whistles blowing--just ball in the hole in the fewest strokes.
2. Extreme unlikelihood that a pompous announcer speaking in hushed tones will be describing the play.
1. Every game has a chance of being, in Bill Murray's immortal words, "A Cinderella Story."

Bear Valley Meadows

The beautiful Scottish style links of Bear Valley Meadows in Seneca Oregon

Lovely Central Washington area rural property for sale by owner!Vanderbilt Country Estates - A high quality rural residential development which preserves the beauty and character of its historic farm and orchard surroundings - Lovely pieces of farm ground with great views of Kittitas Valley near Ellensburg, Washington! Located in the Kittitas Valley of Eastern Washington, this land would be great for raising horses or as a small farm; great view and privacy. It's about 14 miles from shopping, good schools and Central Washington University. The Kittitas Valley is on the 'dry' eastern side of the Cascade mountains, it has 'four' seasons and is a quick two hour drive from Seattle--just a great place where there are many great recreational opportunities nearby - such as golf! (Click for more Ellensburg area land sales information.

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