Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. Photo Archive - Pasture Golf Range

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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Our view of the PastureGolf Driving Range changes with the seasons. Welcome to a photo archive of driving range scenes near Goldendale, Washington.

Swather trouble on the Blockhouse Butte Pasture Golf Range this Halloween. - October 2007

Further investigation revealed cause of farm accident was recent immigration labor crackdown leaving the farmer with just a skeleton crew. - October 31, 2007

Blockhouse Butte is the predominant feature from the Pasture Golf Range. Geologically, it's a classic cinder cone composed of porous red rock known as scoria. The back side which we don't see from the range is a red rock mining pit. The name comes from the old military Blockhouse (no longer existing) which was located at the town also called Blockhouse near the base of the Butte. The historic Simcoe Road connected the Military Blockhouse (not the Butte) with Fort Simcoe on the north side of the Simcoe Mountains and was important during the early westward-ho days. The place garners a mention in an article by Michael McKenzie published in the Fall 2002 issue of Columbia Magazine about Frederick Dent's Route from the Dalles to Fort Simcoe. - October 2007

More about Goldendale in the Sentinel. For a short time, the Sentinel archive was available through World Vitae Records but then Small Town Papers, Inc. in cahoots with a new (Sep 08) Google archive product came up with a searchable (subscription) program called Archive in a Box. So, sorry, folks. Those beautiful full page scans which you enjoyed perusing for family names is now...well not freely accessible. Hey, it's the American way. Why complain?

Road to Blockhouse Butte - October 20, 2007

Practice shots at the new Pasture Golf Range
near Goldendale, Washington - February 2006

From 2000-2005 the Pasture Golf Range was located near Harrisburg, Oregon. Now it's not.

Pasture Golf Range in Harrisburg, Oregon - June 27, 2005
Hay down all over the neighborhood. Rain threatens.
Farmers sweat bullets but keep fingers crossed
with a hope like Scarlet's, tomorrow will be a better day.

Pasture Golf Range in Harrisburg, Oregon - May 11, 2005
Timothy already heading out, barn swallows have returned,
and the goldfinches should make their appearance soon.

Now where's the lawnmower man?

Pasture Golf Range Sunrise - March 12, 2005

Pasture Golf Range Before Sunrise - February 4, 2005

Pasture Golf Range Sunrise - January 21, 2005

Pasture Golf Range - Christmas Morning - 2004

More scenes of the Classic!
Whopper wins the Vanderbilt Country Classic - July 10, 2004

Down to real business, after a sales call by the Cutco guy - June 14, 2004

The narrowest, most crowded
Pasture Golf Range Fairway - June 9, 2004

Pasture Golf Practice - April 23, 2004

Evening on the Range - April 12, 2004

Golf Magazine sends a photographer to capture the essence of Pasture Golf near Harrisburg, Oregon - March 20, 2004


False sunset to the east of the Pasture Golf Range
near Harrisburg, Oregon - February 25, 2004

The omnipresent range cat on a misty morning after sunrise on the Pasture Golf Range
- February 23, 2004

The Harrisburg, Oregon Pasture Golf range
after an ice storm judged worse since 1996. - January 7, 2004

Pasture Golf Range cat does a balancing act on an icy fence. - January 7, 2004

Surprisingly, snow arrives again on New Year's Day - January 1, 2004

Pasture Golf Practice Under a Watchful Eye - December 2, 2003

New Pasture Golf Range Neighbors Moving In - September 8, 2003

Field Burn to the north of the Pasture Golf Range - September 5, 2003

Ground fog rising over the Pasture Golf Range - July 26, 2003

Pasture Golf Range Mouse Patrol - July 6, 2003

A Pasture Golf Range Morning - May 29, 2003

Groundskeepers of the Pasture Golf Range - February 16, 2003

Pasture Golf Range Fog - February 2003

Pasture Golf Range Cat at Sunrise - December 2002

Seeing double on the Pasture Golf Range - November 2002

Peaceful PastureGolf Range Morning Scene - September 11, 2002

When field work sends dirt skyhigh in August and September (before the rain)
the lower Willamette Valley turns into a Dust Bowl. Here a thick layer settles over the PastureGolf Range - August 29, 2002.

Field Burning in the Willamette Valley, Oregon
as seen from the PastureGolf Range - August 4, 2002

Pasture Golf Range Run - July 24, 2002

Dawn on the PastureGolf Range - July 7, 2002

Pasture Golf Range Fence - May 31, 2002

Lawn Mower Man on the Pasture Golf Range, Harrisburg, Oregon - May 5, 2002

Pasture Golf Range, Harrisburg, Oregon - April 26, 2002

Pasture Golf Range, Harrisburg, Oregon - March 2002

Sheep hurry over to the Pasture Golf Range.
A feeding flock of snow geese can be seen in the distance.
Harrisburg, Oregon - February 16, 2002

Pasture Golf Range on Christmas Morning - 2001

Pasture Golf Range Rainbow - November 25, 2001

Dust Devil Past the 190 Yard Fence
A dust devil sweeps through a field beyond the 190 yard Pasture Golf Range fence line
- Late Summer, 2001

Red Angus and the smoky blue Coburgs
Mike's high slice put this bunch in danger on the Pasture Golf Range - August 2001
(Photo by Kathryn Eberhart)

A neighbor torches his grass seed field while  not far from the Pasture Golf Range

A neighbor torches a grass seed field while Regan warms up on the PastureGolf Range. - August 1, 2001

Fallout from a Willamette Valley Hay Devil!
Fallout from a twirling Hay-Devil during harvest season in the Willamette Valley, Oregon that dropped clumps of hay onto the PastureGolf Range, July 8, 2001.

Summer ground fog on Pasture Golf Range
Summer ground fog at sunrise on the PastureGolf Range, June 13, 2001.

Local gatheringDispersed!
You know play is way too slow when Vultures take an interest in your game.
A morning gathering, dispersed, at the PastureGolf Range - May 8, 2001

Mist over the PastureGolf Range
Early morning mist over the PastureGolf Driving Range
- May 3, 2001

Storms over the range
Evening storms over the PastureGolf Driving Range
- April 2, 2001

Pasture Golf Driving Range and Rainbow
Evening rainbow PastureGolf Driving Range - March 25, 2001

Drive for the range rainbow
Evening rainbow east of the PastureGolf Driving Range - February 19, 2001

Dusting of snow on Coburg Hills - Harrisburg, Oregon
Dusting of snow on Coburg Hills seen from the Pasture Golf Range - January 29, 2001

Ice on the range at sunrise
Sunrise reveals ice glittering like diamonds on the Pasture Golf Driving Range.
January 26, 2001

Range residents - Sammy and Uncle Shammie
Pasture Frost on the pasture golf range

There's frost on the tall rough this sunny but chill winter's day at the PastureGolf Driving Range.
January17, 2001


Like sheep, the gallery lines the fairway...oh, they are sheep.
Can the weather possibly get any baaa-der?

It's 38 degrees Fahrenheit and raining with the wind out of the north. The gallery has assembled along the PastureGolf range but even the stouthearted known to swear, "Nae wind, nae rain, nae golf," are not on the course today. —December 11, 2000

Pasture Golf pony grazing on crunchy grass
Freezing fog on the Pasture Golf Driving Range - November 2000

Freezing fog in the Willamette Valley transforms the PastureGolf Driving Range
into a winter wonderland where range ponies graze on crunchy grass, November 17, 2000.

Tierra del Fuego - Land of Fire - Field Burning in Progress
Curious resident of PastureGolf Driving Range

Some call it Tierra del Fuego (the Land of Fire).
This is field burning in the Willamette Valley, Oregon
as seen from the PastureGolf Driving Range near Harrisburg, August 2000. Driving Range - Summer 2000 View of Coburg Hills
Pasture Golf Driving Range in Harrisburg, Oregon July, 2000
Click for full panoramic view

Hitting out the season's first ball on the PastureGolf Range - June 7, 2000
Pasture Golf Driving Range in Harrisburg, Oregon opened for summer season, June 7, 2000

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