Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. Vanderbilt Country Golf Classic in Ellensburg, Washington

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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How many clubs does it take to play this course? Not a big bag full...some players got by with just three. Roger said he needed his driver but had left it behind. If it's any conciliation, Bruce had his driver and wished he'd left it behind. Hole #9 - Ditchbank Devilment at the Vanderbilt Country Classic on July 8, 2006 - Photos by Cory Eberhart

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Third Annual Vanderbilt Country Classic - July 2006. We hope to see you back next year!

The final group finishes up with some help from "hawkeye" Fred.

Just off the green on the ninth hole.

The golf course, set up for one day only, was situated between the Pump and Gravity Laterals. The course was over rolling terrain and featured target greens. Hole #1 "Orchard Row" played uphill through the trees to an open pin. Hole #2 "Hayfield Hole" played uphill diagonally across the hayfield. Hole #3 "Pump Ditch" was parallel to the irrigation ditch. Hole #4 "Canyon Crossing" was across the canyon to a target green on the far side. Hole #5 "Vanderbilt Classic" (our signature hole) played downhill to the green at the bottom of the canyon. Hole #6 "The Cottonwoods" was a fairly level hole. Players shot for the wide turnout on roadway, with water on the right, trees and canyon drop-off on the left. Hole #7 "The Barns" was a wide open, slightly sloped hole where lost balls in the hay stubble were frequent occurrences. Hole #8 "The Bins" was up a short draw and over a large stack of fruit bins. Hole #9 "The Ditchbank" was shortened to a par 3 hole. It ran parallel to the Gravity Ditch offering plenty of opportunity to lose golf balls in the water.

Thanks to Ross and Urban Eberhart for hosting this Pasture Golf Event. Also, thanks to all the crew that worked on clearing paths, and to Fred "Hicklaus" Hicks for helping with course design. See more information about the Vanderbilt Country Classic scheduled for July 2007.

Scenes from prior events...

Late arrival...but he remembered the beer.
Late arrival...but he remembered the beer and chips!

This year, no cheatgrass seeds in the socks!
This year, no cheatgrass seeds in the socks!

Bruce admirers the classic camo golf car/t

Bruce admires Doug's classic camo-golf car/t.

Rancher Tom at the start of the Classic
Rancher Tom tries his hand at pasture golf.

The final foursome heads out onto the course. Next year, maybe a shotgun start?

Cameron holing out on #2
Cameron gets the hang of target golf.
No golf emergency
Fred was on fire but was disqualified from receiving awards as he was the course designer. Too bad, Fred. That's the price of being "Hicklaus".

Farthest away putts first.
Farthest away "putts" first.

Winter rules allow moving ball up to one club length
Winter rules in effect allow for moving the ball up to a club length no closer to the pin.

On the second fairway
Ben on No. 2, the first of two hayfield holes.

Jordan goes with the flow
Jordan goes with the flow and looks for lost golf balls.

Find the golfers

Golfing the canyon holes took some tenacity.

Doing the math on the final hole
Doing the math on the final hole.

Two tie for most lost golf balls
Two here tie for most lost golf balls.

Wager on closest to the pin.

Wager on closest to the pin ...sorry, Ken, we should have warned you about Bruce (aka Sand Bagger).


Doug, a gracious winner, receives his awards
(including a Three Stooges "goofy golfers" classic).
"You're welcome, Doug."The Classic Winner

In the end...everyone, including Fred (here teeing up at No. 3), had a great time. Thanks, players, for being such good sports!

Photos from the 2004 Vanderbilt Country Classic (courtesy of Fred Hicks)

Whopper wins first place and a t-shirt (sorry we didn't have a triple XL)

Third place was Ross (center) winning the book on tape, "The Masters" by John Feinstein.

The green is down the hill and around the corner across the ditch between those two clumps of cottonwoods...

Don't be concerned folks, he's a lefty.

"The Bins" is the Number 8 Hole, a 103 yard shot over the stacked high fruit bins to a blind hole. Greg Poe gives it his best shot while Tina and Whopper look on.

If you didn't land in the clearing behind the bins on Number 8, you ended up here with Fred and Bruce. Nice try, boys.

This course featured water hazards. Fred, sometimes you just can't "play it where it lies".

Best golf cart goes to Ross.

More about Vanderbilt Country Classic - Course Description

Vanderbilt Country Classic - Rules of Play

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