Our Story

Our Story

Many people have gardens. Even those with access to little property invest time, energy and care into raised beds and a few potted plants. Not so many people have orchards but that is changing. There is a shift away from the lawn as a status symbol to the edible yard for birds, other wildlife, and people. Growing your own fruit and other compatible self-sufficient land uses has become very undeniably cool.

Welcome home orchardists!

Here is the home orchard story. It is a long one. Chapters are not of years or even seasons. Chapters in the book of the home orchard are of the most minute observations. Reams worth can be written about the texture of a limb, the velvet softness of a single leaf from a pear tree, the curvature of the pear itself, the aroma of its blossom hinted in the complex taste of its fruit. The story is unending. It is the story of family, ground, life, love. The only real question is where best to begin?

Resources Extension service & home orchard society

The best time to start is now...if not yesterday.