Pasture golf is a return to Scottish links style courses. Technique over technology, it makes golf both fun and affordable to play. Northwest Highland Golf Tour

Tired of super manicured courses, ridiculously priced greens fees, spendy clubs and fancy clothes? You'll love the back to basics play of pasture golf!

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The Northwest Highland Golf Tour is back by popular demand for play in 2006 (...locally known as the Oregon Pasture Golf Tour, or sometimes the Oregon Pasture Open...whatever you call it, those who've played it agree it's definitely one of a kind....)

Awhile ago received the following inquiry... Hey Bruce: D'ya still hold the "pasture open", or is that over and done? I have several friends who would like to tackle the challenge of the four original courses, which were, (help me here) Xmas Valley, Kinzua, Bear Creek, and ? We're planning an RV trip in the spring for the purpose of breaking the "record", whatever that might be: Perhaps take the gross score, subtract the # of beers it took to play the course, and arrive at a reasonable net score, or something similar. Love your website......... Dick (11/7/04)

Well, the answer for Dick and others who have been wondering is yes, the Northwest Highland Golf Tour is back. It includes the same four courses from the original tour (despite some good natured grumbling by a few about whether one or another course actually qualifies as "highland golf").

The four Oregon courses in the Tour, to be played during the dates of March 1 through September 30, 2006, are Bear Valley Meadows in Seneca, Oregon; Christmas Valley Golf Course in Christmas Valley, Oregon; Condon Golf Course in Condon, Oregon; and Kinzua Hills Golf Club Course near Fossil, Oregon. You will find these to be challenging, indigenous courses and we suggest calling ahead (whenever possible) to determine that you will be able to play on the days you plan to be there as it's a long way to go just to find that you've been trumped by a prescheduled event...note that Kinzua Hills has a fairly full weekend calendar through the summer months.
Q: Do you allow interstate entrants (Californians) to participate in the Northwest Highland Golf Tour? What a hoot & I've got nothing better to do this summer than drive around rural Oregon and play some "real" golf. - R.D., 2/19/05

A: The Northwest Highland Golf Tour is open to anyone who is adventurous enough to take on the challenge of playing these courses! Good luck...and if you get some good photos please send them to us for putting up on the website! - C.E., 2/22/05

Condon Golf Course, Condon, Oregon
The Rules for the Tour—Play will occur no sooner than March 1 and no later than September 30, 2006. The Tour requires 9-holes of play on the three long courses: Bear Valley Meadows Golf , Christmas Valley Golf Course and Condon Golf Course, and 6-holes of play at Kinzua Hills Golf Club. If you play 18-holes you can choose to submit your best 9-hole (or for Kinzua, 6-hole) score.

We respect the fortitude and gumption, not to mention the spirit of adventure, of those intrepid golfers who care enough to make space in the flow of ordinary days to travel the backroads of Oregon for some out of the ordinary golf. Again, thanks to everyone who played the First through Third Annual Northwest Highland Golf Tours during the great golfing years of 1999-2002. Welcome to all those who are determined to play in 2005. This is a virtual type of golf tournament in that it is very unlikely that any group who heads out to play Highland Tour Competitorswill bump into any other Highland Tour competitor; though much stranger things have happened. Participants in the tour who play these courses will submit their four individual course playcards by October 15, 2005 so that final placement will be determined, and recognition and awards bestowed.

Photo taken at Kinzua Hills during Darrell Johnson, Tim Arnone, and Don Mann's 2001 Highland Golf Tour. For more information, see the Northwest Highland Golf Tour Report for 2001 & 2003 by Don Mann.

Christmas Valley Golf Course, Christmas Valley, Oregon
Course Number 3: Christmas Valley Golf Course, Christmas Valley, Oregon

Award categories are: Men's Best Score, Women's Best Score, Youth's Best Score (under age 18). Prizes of some sort will be awarded to the top finishers in each category. Whatever the prizes are, they won't be worth much. Probably not necessary to even think about declaring them on the old income tax return.

To qualify for the Annual Northwest Highland Golf Tour Awards, participants will send all four of their completed course playcards (signed and witnessed) to, 185 Beebe Rd., Goldendale, WA 98620.

Member of the PastureGolf office staff

Results will be tallied by our PastureGolf bookkeeper and reviewed for correctness by other staff members. Recipients of places and awards will be announced on the website by October 31. For questions regarding the tour, feel free to contact us.


Highland Golf Tour 2002 Photos by Tim Arnone of the Winning Team on all four courses in the Oregon Pasture Golf Tour

Third Annual Highland Tour - 2002 Results - Congratulations Third Annual Highland Tour Winners and Players! First Place winner was DJ (who receives a round for four at the closest to a true pasture golf course in the City of Portland, namely Top O' Scott), Second Place winner (for the second year in a row) was Don Mann (receiving a truly horrendous golf desk set), Third Place winner was Tim, and Fourth Place was Tyler (both receiving golf trivia books). A special All-Team Award was also presented! Questions? Contact us.

Second Annual Highland Tour - 2001 Results - Congratulations Second Annual Highland Tour Winners and Players! First Place winner was Darrell Johnson (who received a lovely Oregon Road Atlas), Second Place winner was Don Mann and Third Place winner was Sean Byrne (each receiving a Golf Clock & Pen Holder). Special All-Team Awards also presented! Questions? Contact us.

Subject: Highlander Tour 2002
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002
From: Don Mann

Here's a few shots from our tour this year. The scorecards are in the mail and we're developing film (from the GOOD camera) as we speak. Let me know if you can't read these files and we'll work something else out. We're hopin' that the other film we took will be much better. Thanks, Don, Tim, Tyler and DJ. You know: it never fails! Those seemingly simple courses out in the middle of nowhere sure can eat a guy up when he's not lookin'!!! Although my typical average score is around 95 or 6, I actually shot an 88 on a Portland City course just a week before this! Gruelllllingggggg!!!!

Subject: Scores
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002
From: Don Mann
Hi, Cory, Bruce,
Well WE-DONE-IT-AGAIN! Only, the lowsy scores reflect the limited amount of sleep we managed to get during our little tour (OK, I guess it WAS a little warm out there, too! And it WAS a fairly LONG drive. Can you think of any excuses we could use?). We managed to recruit Tim's younger brother this year, too!
Saturday, 8/17: 18 holes: Christmas Valley (2 x 9) 9 holes: Seneca (1 x 9)

Sunday, 8/18: 12+ holes: Fossil (2 x 6) 18 holes: Condon (2 x 9)

We'll send the scorecards your way (maybe with some photos) via snail-mail. Do you know what it's like to stay at the Desert Inn? In Christmas Valley??? Whooaaaaaaaaaa!

Subject: Tourney
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 06:57:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Don Mann

We were going to go on "Highlander Day" (8/23) which the town of Burns so deemed it but all of us couldn't make it that weekend. Now we're slated for 8/16-18 (next weekend). We're planning on going south first this time staying in LaPine the 1st night and Condon the 2nd. Has anyone else done it this year? We're planning on playing 18 @ Christmas Valley, 9 @ Seneca (this course should be omitted from the tour), then 12 @ Kinzua Hills and 18 @ Condon. This time we're traveling by car (no bikes) and indoor lodging (no teepees). Should be fun! Let us know what others are doing. Thanks, Don~

Subject: Second Annual Northwest Highland Golf Tour
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001

WE DID IT !!! Darrell Johnson - Tim Arnone - Don Mann! We will be mailing the details in to you, soon. For now, we did ...

Friday: 18 holes: Condon - 12 holes: Fossil
Saturday: 9 holes: Seneca - 18 holes: Christmas Valley

Friday, August 17th thru Saturday, August 18th, 2001

Thanx, Don

Way to go! Did you see the spread in the Sunday Sports section? If you took any pictures we would love to post them on the site. Thanks for the note. - Bruce

Subject: pasture golf tour
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 11:43:33 -0700
From: "Sports MailBox"

Hi Bruce: My name is James Yu. I found your website this spring while searching out budget golf options in the Portland area. Now I'm a convert. I'm an editorial assistant here at the Oregonian and just finished the Pasture Golf Tour with some friends last Sunday. Christmas Valley to Seneca to Fossil to Condon. Incredible country, great people. The high point: stumbling across an annual tournament at Kinzua, teeing off as the last men's group was coming in and hearing the cheers at the award ceremony in the clubhouse. I'm writing a forum piece on our adventures which hopefully will run within a couple of weeks. Can I set up a time this week to call and ask a few questions? I'm hoping I can get something together by Monday, and I'm flexible. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

Subject: How Many Holes to Qualify?
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 23:19:30 -0700

How many holes do you need to play at each course to qualify?

Thanks for your question! We've decided that the minimum number of holes to qualify for the Highland Tour is 6 holes at Kinzua and 9 holes at each of the other three courses. Good luck and have fun!

Subject: Tell Me More
Date: 25 May 00 20:13:08 PDT
I have not seen any of these courses. So help me out a little here. I am a three wedge kind of guy, but I must confess I have gone to the long wand on the short stuff, which does not keep me competitive with the flat bellies anymore, but there ain't too many round bellies I can't beat. Doglegs anger me, and the Rocky Thompson shaft on the big stick pretty much makes them a non-issue. And I certainly don't want to waste any time on any of those Pete Dye scorched Earth policy layouts. Just give me some sagebrush and about 2 gallons a minute out of the nearest well. If you can't make 2G/m and we're talkin' real dry here, I can do without a cigar for 18 holes if I absolutely have to for something with enough attitude to make up for the loss of a couple of 3 month wine soaked Fidel specials. Let me know soon so I can start saving for a couple of re-treads for the pickup.

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